Schedule your next preventative maintenance and repairs with Ted. Automobile experts on all makes and models. Oil Changes, Tires, Brakes, Exhaust, State Inspections, Steering, Suspension, Alignments, Windshields, Undercoating – anything your car needs

Q Auto Maintenance in Waterbury, Vermont

Ted's Kar Kare in Waterbury, Vermont, is proud to be your source for quality auto maintenance. These services are available in various packages including:

Our Recommended Preventative Maintenance Package:
• Oil Change – Lube, & Filter
• Tire Rotation
• Brake & Transmission Fluid Replacement
• Fuel Injection Service
• Air Filter Inspection & Replacement
• Radiator Inspection & Service
• Fan & Belt Inspection & Replacement
• Vehicle Inspection
• Tune-up
• Air Conditioning Service
• Battery Inspection
• Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Q Our Oil Change Package

With every oil change, our automotive experts perform a FREE 22-point checklist. The list is as follows:
Auto, Auto Maintenance in Waterbury, VT
• Change Oil with Synthetic or Non-Synthetic
• Change Oil Filter
• Check Antifreeze
• Check Power Steering Fluid
• Check Brake Fluid
• Check Transmission Fluid
• Check Windshield Washer Fluid
• Check Differentials & Transfer Case
• Check for Any Fluid Leaks
• Tire Pressure, Tire Condition, &
Tire Tread Tires Are at the Proper Level*
• Check Air Filter (if easily accessible)
• Check Fuel Filter (appearance)
• Check Hoses
• Check Belts – Does Not include Timing Belt
• Visually Inspect Shocks & Struts
for Leaks & Condition
• Check Battery Terminals & Connections
• Check CCA & Condition of Battery (Winter)
• Check Strength of Antifreeze (Winter)
• Check Brakes through the Wheels (do not
pull wheels/tires off and pull brakes apart)
• Visually Inspected CV Joints
& Steering Components
• Visually Inspected Exhaust
• Check Wiper Blades
*The minimum for a Vermont state inspection is 3/32.

Q Full Tune-Up Package

Our full tune-up replaces the parts listed below:
• Distributor Cap*
• Distributor Rotor
• Spark Plugs
• Spark Plug Wires Set
• Air Filter
• Fuel Filter
• PCV Valve
• Performing a Fuel Injection Service
*Not all vehicles have a distributor cap, rotor, or spark plug wire set and some vehicles may need a coil or coils replacement.

Q Our 5-Star Repair Service Package

• Brake Service
• Engine Services & Repair
• Transmission Service & Repair
• Electrical Systems Service & Repair
• Steering & Suspension Service
• Heating & Cooling Services
• Alternators, Starters, & Ignition Service
• Cooling System Repair
• Water Pump Service
• Fuel Pump & Fuel Line Repair

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